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Senate hopeful accused of failing to pay child support –

TRENTON — Daryl Brooks, city activist and independent U.S. Senate candidate, was jailed Monday for failure to pay more than $70,000 in child support payments to three women.

Brooks, who served a jail term for a sex offense in 1998, vowed to embark on a hunger strike to protest the treatment of those released from prison in America.

“America’s child support system has been called by many ‘The modern-day resurrection of the debtor’s prison system,’ ” Brooks said in a press release. “Thousand of previously incarcerated people have been re-jailed or imprisoned — for anywhere from six months to three years or more — over this type of debt, and face more FELONY convictions tacked upon their records as a result.”

Brooks, 40, turned himself in Monday to Mercer County Sheriff’s Officers, who had a warrant to arrest him under the state’s Deadbeat Dad law.

Brooks owed a little more than $70,000 to three women, according to Dennis McManimon, chief warrant officer for the Sheriff’s Department. McManimon said it was unclear from the records how many children Brooks has with the women.

“For someone to owe $70,000, it shows that he hasn’t paid child support in a long time,” McManimon said.

Brooks blamed his failure to support his children on his criminal past.

“These charges exist because his criminal record prevents him from attaining employment of a caliber to meet his debts,” Brooks wrote in his release.

Brooks was convicted in 1998 of fondling himself in front of two girls and served three years and eight months in prison. He continues to profess his innocence, saying he was set up by Trenton police and elected officials who were retaliating against his activities as a city activist. Brooks is running for the Senate as an independent candidate using the slogan “Poor People’s Campaign.” He lost a bid for Congress in 2004 and a Senate bid in 2006.

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City council candidate is charged with abuse –

Published: Friday, January 08, 2010

Staff Writer

TRENTON — He’s a convicted sex offender, who’s now accused of domestic violence. And he wants your vote.

He’s Daryl Brooks, and his campaign for a run at a City Council position has a new headquarters — the Mercer County Corrections Center.

Brooks, who announced his intentions to run for an at-large City Council seat earlier this week, was moved to the county lockup yesterday after his arrest Wednesday night on a domestic violence charge, police said. Police said Brooks was charged with aggravated assault and making terroristic threats as a result of the domestic disturbance.

A police source said the incident was sparked when a girlfriend told Brooks she wanted to end her relationship with him. The source said the female victim tried to leave the North Clinton Avenue apartment where they were arguing, and when she opened the door, Brooks slammed it shut, catching the woman’s finger.

Brooks’ criminal history dates back to 1995, when he was accused of exposing himself to two young girls — one 7, and one 11. Though he maintains his innocence, Brooks was sentenced in 1998 and served a little more than three years in Riverfront State Prison on charges of sexual assault, lewdness and endangering the welfare of a child, according to state records.

In announcing his candidacy this week, Brooks admitted he has no job, and he has had a history as a deadbeat dad.

But he called himself a “creative thinker,” and said he’s ready for the election in May.

“I’m a fighter,” Brooks said. “I will fight for people. I’m looking to win. I’m looking for a victory.”

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